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Hi everyone!! :) My name is Joëlle, I'm a 20 year old student and fashion blogger from Mauritius. I will post everything that catches my attention, Inspires me and share with you my so boring and sometimes awesome life. I hope you guys will enjoy my blog and don't forget to leave me messages. P.s Check out my Tumblr: http://du-deja-vu.tumblr.com/ Xoxo Joëlle :)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Wicked Wedding

Hi, Okay So once upon a time I posted these pictures, but deleted them for unknown reasons. But recently I have figured out that THIS IS MY BLOG and I can post WHATEVER I WANT, this is my space on the net to the world and I should not be ashamed of that! and on top of that I should post more pictures and not feel bad about it, I'm young only once, for Christ sake (don't expect nudes though)! Haha. I am not inspiring, I don't claim to have a perfect sense of fashion or anything like this. I'm just a random girl, sharing what I love and what inspires me.

Ok now that this is said, the pictures were taken some months ago, when my cousin (you can see the Asian roots there) from Uk and his wife married here in Mauritius. The Bridesmaid were EPIC and the settings was perfect, it was on a North coast beach.. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! :)

Bisous. Joëlle. ♥